NaNoWriMo: Day 1

Finally decided to start my own NaNoWriMo camp although it’s not november but I can’t wait till november. I have no idea about what I will write, about plot, also about name of the novel. Maybe start from the end?! I see two ways of this decision: first I just give up writing which is more close to reality or I will complete my novel but won’t recommend to myself by myself. I think we should remember¬†quote: “It’s the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little”. So, let’s stop doing the greatest mistake.¬†I can’t even imagine how to solve the issue with the idea for novel. But you can calm down I won’t write in English, as I don’t what to be Grammar Nazi. I prefer Russian than English, as Russian is my second language. Well, let’s see what happens.


I’m novelist

I think the most frequently asked question in my life is “What do you do?” and I want answer to this question should sound as “I’m novelist”. Agree because it sounds better than “I’m computing technology engineer”. So, you can say we know that you are not novelist and you have to wait for a long time to become novelist. I say that you are wrong. I should provide proof link? Take it! National novel writing month is a project where you can write your novel within month. The problem is it starts from november but I can’t wait such a long time and I want to be novelist as soon as possible. So, I decided to try write my first novel. I haven’t decided about what I will write but I think it doesn’t matter. The main point is novel should include a lot of lulz. So, if I will write 1666 words per day, in a month amount of words would be 50,000 and it’s enough for novel. I will start writing when I figure out about what I want to write. Let’s see what we get.