How to get Iranian visa easily

I always wanted to visit Iran and finally got my visa. The process of applying for Iranian visa was not so difficult as most of people think. When I was in Turkey I planned to get Iranian visa in Tbilisi. After visiting Iran embassy in Tbilisi, figured out that it will be kinda hard, as they recommended better go to tour agency and get authentification number. Authentification number is ID number of your invitation letter. So, travel agency in Iran sends copy of your documents to Ministry of Iran and after review you will get authentification number. For sure I could apply for visa in Tbilisi but it would take too much time, minimum 3 weeks. After decided try to find another options, the first one was to go to Armenia and apply there. But after some days one my friend recommend to go to Batumi and try luck there. He was right and I got my visa in one day. I payed 40 euro, provided photo with passport and next day I got my visa. Now I can say that it was really easy and staff was friendly.

Iran consulate in Batumi: Consulate moved to new address and now they can be found in Parnavaz Mepe St, Batumi, in front of Departament of Tourism.  

Neccesary documents for visa:

  • 2 photos 3×4
  • Passport
  • Visa fee about 40 euro

If you are in Turkey, I recommend you to apply for visa in Trabzon and you can get visa in one day as in Batumi. So you do not need go to Batumi.


How to get from Istanbul to Tbilisi, Georgia

In this post I wanted to share route how to get to capital of Georgia, Tbilisi from Istanbul. If you decided to visit Georgia after traveling in Turkey, you can it in two ways, by plane and by bus. Let’s see which is comfortable and which is cheaper.

By plane:

Flight with the cheapest price from Istanbul to Tbilisi provides Atlasjet. The price is 110$ but you can buy tickets with similar price from Turkish Airlines and from Pegasus. But if you need to leave asap prices will be little bit expensive in previous two airline companies, but you can find ticket with the same price in Atlasjet. So better check all three airline companies. I could find cheap ticket only in Atlasjet, so I chose Atlasjet. Flight takes 2 hours and departure time is 23:30, I think for all flights. But during our flight there was a delay about 30 minutes, they said that they had to check all system and devices to be sure if everything is working properly. If we talk about comfort it was really comfortable as I get three empty seats, so I just laid and slept.


IMG_2911Definitely it’s better than business class. During takeoff plane shook little bit, but I think it’s normal for not big planes.


By bus:

This part will be shorter as I didn’t go by bus. From Istanbul to Tbilisi bus service provides Metro Turizm. You can check it by opening¬†Metro Turizm website and by selecting Istanbul and “TIFLIS(GURCISTAN)”. The price is about 114-120 TL and it takes 25 hours to get to Tbilisi. There are two types/classes of busses in Metro Turizm, “Class” and “Suit”. If you have a chance to choose I recommend you to choose “Suit” class as there are three rows not four and it’s much comfortable to sleep. Also, difference in price is about 5-10 TL.



IMG_2868If we talk about comfort, I would say that you will get maximum comfort which is possible to get in bus, i.e. a/c, snacks, toned window, enough place for legs.



I think both options are good to choose but difference is in just time and money, which you will make decision according your requirements. For me 25 hours journey is little bit much, so that’s why chose first option.