Generation of watching people

We are from generation of people who are engaged in one thing to watch. Technology has enabled us to obtain any information which is good. But unfortunately it turned out that there is another side effect. While watching others, we don’t want to do something. People began to divide into two groups, the first group is people who are doing something and the second group just watching the first. I certainly do not want to label them, do not want to compare and discuss what is good and what is bad. But to be a little pragmatic, then be in the first group is much more profitable. Easier to get financial freedom being in the first group and you will have many opportunities to earn a lot of money. Just because you will have spending and accounts for which you are required to pay. Even here it is not about greed, you just want something and you will find the money to get what you want. Once everything is simple. When sitting on the sofa and watching others, hardly you will be required to do something for yourself. Although you may have the desire but it’s not enough to start intensive process. Suppose a person buys one-way ticket to country where previously he was not, in cases of lack of money sure he could find the money and solve any problems that arise in the future. The reason is simple, he is obliged to do so because he has no other choice. However, the example we’ve got a very radical but in life such things happen very rarely, and even if in the future they reproduce, they will not disturb you as the first time since you already have immunity to such events. In the end, life goes but you’re left with something, let it even be a good remembrance. Agree, in old age you will not remember how you were watching TV, sleeping, that is what you do every day. I think instead of saving money for retirement need to save better memories. At least you will have a story to tell to your own grandchildren. But I think the best thing you can do so is to balance between the two groups. Long stay in the same group will torment you, the people in the first group are exhausted from new experiences and the second group of boredom. Now you understand that to say to be in one group is good or bad, is not logical. Conclusion we have turned some abstract, but if we talk specifically and with examples from real life then it sounds like: to travel for a while and after returning home to watch your pictures and videos with family. Here I complete my little post about us, about the generation of watching people.

P.S. Do not travel on the sofa. 🙂