NaNoWriMo: Day 1

Finally decided to start my own NaNoWriMo camp although it’s not november but I can’t wait till november. I have no idea about what I will write, about plot, also about name of the novel. Maybe start from the end?! I see two ways of this decision: first I just give up writing which is more close to reality or I will complete my novel but won’t recommend to myself by myself. I think we should remember quote: “It’s the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little”. So, let’s stop doing the greatest mistake. I can’t even imagine how to solve the issue with the idea for novel. But you can calm down I won’t write in English, as I don’t what to be Grammar Nazi. I prefer Russian than English, as Russian is my second language. Well, let’s see what happens.


Car driver training

I started driving car and now learning how to drive it by myself. The start was hard but I’m trying follow all rules. Sometimes I just dream about auto transmission but everything comes with experience. I can’t give any tips about driving car as I have just started training. Here I will complete my post and attach photo of sticker which is more than text.


Welcome home soldier

Missing me?! I have just returned from army and got strange feelings. I have already forgot blind typing, the taste of my delicious foods and all kind of typical stuff which are not so important in daily life but in army you will miss them. I’m not sure if I can write long post about army but the main message is to say “hello” and “how I love you” to my friends. I really missed everything which I had before even my chair. Somehow I started looking to things with another view. I completed the main task of this year and now ready for another tasks.

This is my rifle. This is my gun. This is for fighting, and this is for fun.

I’m coming home

After long time living alone, I decided to come back home. The reasons are simple, I completed things I wanted to do and now I can back home for something new. I have already packed my clothes but I will stay about week and after leave this city with my lovely backpack. Summer and autumn was fun. I met a lot of interesting people, became more smart, hung out in clubs, danced as crazy, loved cooking, went to theatre (OMG!), watched art house movies in movie clubs, went to boxing and etc. The most important thing that I figured out was some things which I wanted before was not actual what I need. Any task can be completed mentally and physically.  If the task is completed physically but not mentally, you will still come back to it again and again. But when you complete task mentally, it’s totally completed. Thanks to Diyor aka who explained to me in detail, it would be hard for me to understand by myself.



See, there are no skeletons in my shelf?! 😀

Listening Radical Face – Welcome home, son.