Why social network sucks

Finally I’m free from social networks and now it’s time to live in real life. I don’t recommend to do the same thing, it was my personal decision. Now try to explain why social network sucks, note that some facts maybe obvious(Hello Captain) but anyway I lost too much just to understand them. Well, I may say that social network is bad because the most of time you will only like posts, watch videos, read useless information, i.e. waste time. Superficially for wasting time you are guilty as you haven’t got enough willpower to control your time. Now answer to question: “What is the sound of one hand clapping?!” and meditate. 🙂

If you found the answer then you are Buddha, congratulations. But hitting wall or your own head to clap is not true answer. If you got it, we can blame not just ourselves but also one thing, yay! That thing is company which provides service or marketing of company. In marketing plan was declared, company will earn money by selling advertisement on website. To sell ads company needs make you addicted into the social network and it sucks. It’s kinda drinking alcohol, smoking and not chemical but mental addiction. I think would be great if companies try to change the way how they earn money. I’m totally agree to pay for social networking but with the condition that they won’t try make me to spend more time on their website. Just think battle between you and between marketing managers, psychologists, UX designers, usability testers, content managers, You vs team. It’s not fair to play such game, better not to start and not to blame yourself for willpower need.

The second problem is, we have already forgot why we need social networks. Just answer to yourself how many people you meet from social networks? 10? 30? 100? The point is not just adding as friend, rating photos or commenting. The point is to meet in real life and hang out. I don’t like how people use social networks, most of the people expect from you comment, like and share something related to their account and nothing more. What about dancing, eating, drinking, laughing, walking, hanging out and loving? Shortly, this was the second problem.

Now you know my opinion why social network sucks. My offer is to exclude free social networks, give more freedom to people to control their time, help to meet new interesting people and discover new beauty inner worlds which are not seen from monitors. 🙂


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