– new positive habits

I started using one useful service for generating positive habits, to be honest I started 3-4 month ago but gave up. I think everybody knows that our behaviors consists only from habits, negative or positive. By default most of our habits are negative, sure at the end we get negative results. Liquidating bad habits are not so easy just because they were continuously replayed for a long time. For example, if you have been smoking for 2 years and to liquidate you have to try 2 years not to smoke, as smoking habit has been maintained 2 years, it has 2 years strength. But everybody wants results right now and right here, which is not true. Related to, so how this new service may help to make our life better? In this service you can add new habits and check them daily. I configured some reminders and I get daily mail about my new habits. If you start from simple habits it will be easy to work. You can make new friends, follow them and help each other to make yourself better. Currently supported two platforms: web and IOS. Maybe in future they start supporting another platforms. If you want to generate new good habits I recommend you this service.

Damn, my post looks like sponsored post but I decided to write about service to say thanks to team. Anyway you can’t argue with one fact – this service is better than any social networks. Thanks to team.


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