I workout

Good news I started going to gym. If I don’t go to gym I feel myself as vegetable. Sure, the point is not to gain massive mussles but just relieve stress, make myself feel happy and meditate. There are a lot of similarities between gym and meditation. When you under heavy weight you can’t think about anything as it may hurt you easily. So, you forgot everything which is not dedicated how to handle weight which is stressing you. It’s kinda exptreme meditation. I think I can give some tips which maybe useful for you if you go to gym.

  • Always warm-up before starting workout
  • Drink water during workout
  • Do not eat 2 hours before workout
  • Always start from the lightest weight, no matter how much you can handle
  • Use belt when you swing legs and back
  • Do not ignore your brushes, you got problems when you lift heavy weight with your hands
  • If you want to gain weight, ignore isolation exercise
  • Eat at the same time and minimum 3 times in a day, better 5
  • 3 times workout in a week is normal
  • Remember base exercises: press, deadlift, squat
  • Forget about chemistry
  • The last and the most import: please workout without fanatism.

If you follow such simple rules, you can easily go to gym just to feel yourself happy.


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