It seems to me that I can not miss such an interesting topic and should be something written about it. On the other hand, depression is a taboo in our society, it is impossible to talk about it as people may think badly of you. In medical reference books you can read that depression is an illness, but for some reason, avoid openly talk about it. You must agree if you have a toothache you’re not going to be ashamed of but rather will tell to all in a row even to not familiar people. If depression is a common illness so why hesitate? Is not that funny? It is ridiculous of course, so let’s laugh. Now let’s try to analyze this depression. If you understand me correctly I’m talking about that our, major depression, and not about some sort of manic depressive syndrome.


What happens when you start to get depressed? Of course, you don’t want to do anything, mood falls and feel “bad”. But if you notice I write the word bad in quotation, because I’m not even sure it’s bad or good. You just need to understand that on earth there is no absolute laws and the separation of good and bad is bad. The fact that you evaluate everything in order is bad and depression is good :).


And you thought maybe things are not so bad as you think?

Maybe it’s time you change something in your life, and depression as a signal you want to literally explained to, and you stupidly ignore it?

Maybe you need a vacation?


If you are asked yourself these questions I think you’re starting to doubt that depression is bad. Imagine what it would be if you didn’t feel pain? Is that good or bad? Now someone muttered that it would be great to not feel pain. Yeah, I agree, it would be cooler to see people for no reason began to die in the streets. And the reason is simple, he stepped on a needle in the morning and did not notice it, but oh well, he does not notice the pain, he’s cool. But on the way to work, he just fell asleep forever, it is not clear why and how, somebody call me a pathologist :). It’s funny, isn’t it? Well, I think you get the idea, the point is to stop hanging tags, not only on depression, but also on other things.


If you have your depression will be seen as a call to action in that case you will win. Here the most important to understand the reason because of which you are depressed. This may be unloved job, maybe you want something for a long time, maybe need to forgive someone (often ourselves). Instead of crying try to do what you’ve been putting off for later. If you turned you cool, and if not, then don’t worry this is normal. Before the start of something large-scale try to do:


  • Take a shower, preferably cold.
  • After a shower, change your clothes carefully.
  • Clean the house.
  • Throw away the garbage, all the excess out of your room.


Following these simple procedures will be easy in your mind and you should go through your depression. But do not forget one important fact, you do not have to mess around or else everything will start again. I’m not saying that you should always do so. Sometimes it is very hard to understand it but you also keep in mind, if life has no meaning then there is no point in depression twice. Of course, sometimes gettting depressed with a bottle of your favorite beverage in front of a TV would not hurt anyone but only without bigotry. Most importantly do not turn into a emo.


There is the view that when you are depressed you are more rational and more clearly can see the world, but alas, not in your favor. After all, great things started after the great depressions.


Dedicated to the most washed-pessimists – I have good news for you, the happiest thing is that nothing lasts forever, even your depression. Over time, you will become bored getting depressed and you start to feeling “good.”

As I said earlier do not take my words as something absolute, it is just an alternate opinion about depression. Enjoy life until she tired of you.


Get a life!


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